iMini is a recreation of Dr. Bob Moog’s classic 1970 synthesizer, possibly the most famous synthesizer of all time. Based on the TAE? technology found in our award-winning mini V software, iMini offers a level of sound quality never before found on the iPad as well as over 500 sounds by leading sound designers.

To support Bob Moog's legacy, we are donating a portion of each sale to the Bob Moog Foundation to support their work in science and music education via Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, their work to preserve, protect and share Bob Moog's archives.

Stephan Bodzin

Artists Corner

The iMini turned my iPad into an oldschool analogue bass-monster !!! The sound quality is just irresistibly fat and so close to the original. If you want the typical dirty Mg sound, the iMini is all you'll ever need. The iMini is by far the most powerful and hypnotizing synth app on the market.
Stephan Bodzin
( DJ/ Producer )
Richard Devine

Artists Corner

Arturia’s iMini app is a stunning recreation of the original synth. The performance features and arpeggiator add a whole new twist to this already classic synth. I am completely blown away that I now have this on my iPad!
Richard Devine
( DJ/ Producer )

Artists Corner

we are huge fans of the iMini and it's in literally 80% of our tracks
( DJ/Producer )
Banco De Gaia

Artists Corner

As expected from their previous offerings, Arturia have come up with the sound and user interface that bring this classic to the world of iOS in the most perfect way. The sound is superb and it is a joy to use, particularly for an analogue lover like me. The possibilities of an iPad loaded with iMini are fantastic, and I look forward to exploring it fully.
Banco De Gaia
( DJ/ Producer )

Sound Corner

Audio Demo 01

Audio Demo 10

Audio Demo 02

Audio Demo 03

Audio Demo 04

Audio Demo 05

Audio Demo 06

Audio Demo 07

Audio Demo 08

Audio Demo 09

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EFX Menu

Main Features

  • 3 oscillators
  • 24dB per octave filter
  • Polyphonic mode
  • Simulated headphone jack/external input feedback
  • External audio input processing
  • 2 assignable XY pads
  • Full user MIDI mapping of panel controls
  • Full-featured arpeggiator
    • Repeat
    • Hold and Memory latch modes
    • Octave span
    • 5 note-order modes
    • Speed and sync controls
  • Chromatic or tuned scale keyboard modes
  • Virtual Analog Chorus
  • Virtual Analog Delay
  • Background audio support
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Audiobus support
  • Supports WIST sync with other iOS devices
  • Owners of both the iMini and mini V software apps can exchange sounds via iTunes.
  • Tabletop-Ready
  • SoundCloud seeder (via Tabletop)
  • Render to .wav file (via Tabletop)
  • ‘Audiocopy’ to paste your audio into another iPad application (via Tabletop)


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