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N, N - diethyl ethanol amine
Alias: diethyl amino ethanol
CAS No.100-37-8
The United Nations number: 2686
8 level of danger:
The level of packaging: II
Chemical noch2ch3 empirical formula: (CH3CH2) 2
Chemistry: the molecular weight of 117.19
Appearance: colorless transparent oily liquid, the smell of ammonia
Density: 0.8921 g/ml (20 ° C)
Boiling point: 163 ° C
The refractive index: 1.4412
Flash: 46-54 ° C
Performance: the miscibility with water, but soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene, acetone and other organic solvents, a weak base.
Quality indicators:
project indicators
appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
The main content (%) 99.0 or higher
Density (g/cm, 20 ° C) 0.882 to 0.886
Refractive index N204 1.440 to 1.442
Moisture content (%) 0.3 or less
Colour and lustre 50 or less #
Packing: 200 l plastic drum, net weight 185 kg/barrel;Or according to customer's needs.
Purpose: pharmaceutical intermediates for synthesis of coumarin procaine hydrochloride, rimantadine hydrochloride, maven cough, cough will clear, stomach convalescent, superior product, etc.Can also be used in preparing fatty acid derivatives, fiber softening agent, anti-rust agent, emulsifier, etc.

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